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The New Orleans Saints currently enjoy about $1.4 million in salary cap space according to Over the Cap. In order to get to that point, the Saints have had to perform increasingly wild levels of cap gymnastics, including creating an entirely fake Taysom Hill contract that is quite hilarious to view. The Saints are enduring this pain for multiple reasons. First and foremost, like about two-thirds of the league, they have seen their financial situation significantly altered by the the COVID cap crunch. It’s not just COVID, however. This is partially a situation of their own creation. The Saints spent the latter part of the 2010s mortgaging future cap space to boost the quality of their current teams. That mortgage is finally coming due and causing New Orleans to have to kick money out into future cap years yet again just to be cap-compliant. The Saints’ cap maneuvers have become a meme at this point, and for good reason. It is funny to watch a team have to do weird things just to claw their head above the cap waters. But it’s also important to note that it wouldn’t be anywhere near as obnoxious if the cap had continued growing at the rate it had since 2014. Over that time, the cap averaged about 7% per year in growth. Off of 2020’s $198.2 million, that should have created a 2021 cap somewhere in the neighborhood of $212 million. It’s hard to blame the Saints for moves made years before the pandemic for not forecasting it. Sometimes you just get the short end of the stick. The Saints situation has also been joked about because, despite their efforts, they only reached one NFC Championship Game during the last decade. In 2017, they lost on the Minneapolis Miracle, when their safety just decided he didn’t want to make the easy tackle on Stefon Diggs.

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The hire of powered access equipment now accounts for around 25% of the business with cabin and site welfare products contributing a further 20%. KDM, as a SafeHire certified company, is very strongly committed to maintaining the highest health and safety standards for both customers and the business. It is also an official Training Centre for IPAF (International Power Access Federation) and PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufactures Association) approved courses at both its Cookstown and Mallusk sites. As an engineering group, the visitors were intrigued to hear the story of the business being developed steadily from its original farming base to offer such an extensive and constantly evolving range of equipment. The company is a member of various trade quality assurance associations including the Hire Association of Europe and has regularly received awards for quality, service and customer care. KDM is also a member of the Freight Transport Association with its own transport fleet making around 80 deliveries per day during the peak summer season. In addition to the core business around the construction, site works, road maintenance and DIY sectors, KDM also provides site power, temporary secure storage and safe access for work at heights. Customers now also include factory operators and all types of social / public events such as agricultural shows, golf tournaments, pop concerts and motor sport events. The hire sector, within the UK, is well developed compared to other parts of Europe and now worth around £5 billion per year to the UK economy. Specialist plant and equipment is very capital intensive so a hire company, like any business, needs to plan carefully before making investment decisions. Compared with the long term commitment of outright purchase, hiring provides the customer with up-to-date, serviced, reliable equipment at a competitive hire rate for long or short periods. They can change to a different type or size of plant during a project and forward cost planning is simpler as hire costs are both predictable and tax deductible. Additional items can be delivered immediately for emergency situations. Plant can be fitted with tracking devices to aid fault detection and security checking. The proper use of powered access equipment is a very positive aid to safer and more efficient work at height. It also provides access to otherwise inaccessible work areas. The wide range of powered access equipment or Mobile Elevated Work Platforms ( MEWPs) is well represented in the KDM fleet. The smallest push-around masted types lift to 4.5m and will easily pass through a standard doorway. The powered scissor lift is the next category with the 19’ (6 m) version a popular example. Designed for narrow access on flat floors they are stable due to the ballast effect of their heavy base construction.