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A construction crew discovered two men living underground in a tunnel in the East Bay and their actions held up a bridge project -- a delay costing $50,000. Tom Carney had a bird’s eye view of what workers found Friday, two men living underneath a bridge at Sacramento and Indiana streets, not too far from downtown Vallejo.  Download our mobile app for iOS or Android to get the latest breaking news and local stories. The bridge was scheduled to be demolished, but instead police and fire from neighboring cities were called in to make a rescue. They used camera equipment to see what they were dealing with. “He’s been around for nine years who knows how long he’s been in there,” said Carney. “They found that he had tunneled across from this side of the bridge underneath.” NEW: 'The Moms of Magnolia Street' Documentary Streaming now on the NBC Bay Area app on Roku and Apple TV. Construction crews say the men used a shovel and a pick to dig through the earth. The men rescued said they had been working to dig the 40-foot-long and five-foot-high tunnel for nine years. Hard to believe but Carney says it’s possible. “You go along the tracks you’ll see tunnels dug in the hillside all the way along. People are coming digging into the hillside when it’s warmer,” he said.  Like in many places in the Bay Area, homelessness is a big problem in Vallejo. Councilmenber Hakeem Brown is not surprised by the underground discovery. “We’ve seen our homeless population double every year I’ve been on council. It's a situation where if you haven’t built enough housing it’s how we got here,” said Brown. Vallejo is building a navigation center and working on permanent transitional housing.

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It also offers companies the ability to measure energy consumption, thereby greater reducing the energy bills and making the operations more sustainable, achieving energy savings of up to 65.7%. In addition, its Effective Extraction Monitoring System (MEE) solution for wells and open channels helps users to comply with new regulations being implemented in Chile that require reporting of water consumption amid a severe drought in much of the country. Speaking with ahead of the Agricultural Water Summit, the company's Commercial Manager Arturo B. Valdés explained that Hydroscada had initially been focused on irrigation systems after it was created in 2002. But since then it has evolved significantly with the development of technologies that help Chilean companies face both high energy costs and the effects of climate change. In 2017, Hydroscada won the Avonni National Innovation Prize, in the 'Entel Digital Solutions' category, for its 'Water Rights online' project. With it, energetically autonomous hardware and software can be used to measure flow rates and water levels. "The award was for a water flow monitoring system, which allows the farmers to know how much water they are actually using, how much they are entitled to, and how much actually enters their fields," Valdés said. "There the whole story behind Hydroscada came together - the Internet, a platform, and measurement." He explained that many farms lose huge quantities of water due to problems in their canals, for instance due to rocks obstructing the channel. On large farms with an expansive irrigation system, this can be especially problematic and difficult to monitor. "This product is therefore very useful for farms that have a lot of irrigation canals, to be able to monitor them in real-time," he said. Since 2019, Hydroscada has been part of the ecosystem of telecoms company Entel Ocean to "massify and strengthen" the SGE remote monitoring technology. They have been working closely together since then, developing MEE systems for water in wells, to help companies comply with new regulations currently being implemented in 10 regions by the General Water Directorate (DGA). Due to the severe drought being experiencing through Chile's central and northern regions, the DGA is requiring that all farms and farming companies measure and regularly report exactly how much water they are using - a system that Valdes says many farms do not currently have. He says that digitization will allow agriculture to be empowered to increase its productivity while complying with the DGA regulations. The solution offered by Hydroscada and Entel Ocean ensures connectivity and reports, in addition to including alarms and real-time data as a management tool, to achieve efficient use of water. The company has also been installing its MEE systems on the farms of major Chilean agricultural companies and vineyards. Aside from its almost two decades of expertise, one of Hydroscala's unique selling points is its offering of an integrated, value-added system, as well as its experience across many areas. Unlike many other companies, it covers the measuring of both energy and water consumption across a farm's entire operations.